Meet Chris Hodges.
He is a leader bringing the focus back to students and away from politics

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Parents say they don’t want an activist school board. They want a focus on academic excellence. They want to be informed and heard. Most importantly, parents want their children to be safe in school.

So Does Chris Hodges

Chris believes that our school board is doing what they CAN do instead of what they SHOULD do. He believes the school board’s most important jobs are to provide the highest standards of learning and to keep kids safe.

When you elect Chris Hodges to the Loudoun County Broad Run District School Board, he will be the leader you can count on to remove the politics that are diminishing education. He will prioritize Academic Excellence, School Safety, Parental Rights, Teacher Support, and Tax Dollar Prudence.

It is time to stop politics in schools. Vote for Chris Hodges who will put kids first.

When you vote for

Chris Hodges



I will be accountable to you, the parents and tax-payers. I will disrupt the group-think existing on the board and always put our child’s education and well-being first. I will support our great teachers and wisely allocate your tax dollars.


I will be the school board representative that quickly responds to your needs, helping you navigate any school related issue.


The only way to rebuild LCPS into the superior educational institution of years past, is to begin with restoring the trust between the board and the parents and teachers. The only way to begin is with transparency.

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Help us bring Accountability, Accessibility, and Transparency to LCPS

Academic Excellence
Ensuring that rigorous academics take center stage will be one of my top priorities. I will tackle the issues of learning loss, lower standardized test scores and modified grading policies that are damaging to our children’s progress and serve as a roadblock to college acceptance.
Safety in Schools
I am acutely aware of the critical role safety plays in schools. Our students, teachers and staff deserve to feel secure in their learning environment. It is the responsibility of the school administration to be pro-active, transparent, and accountable in creating and maintaining a safe school environment. I am committed to working towards this goal and ensuring safety remains a top priority in our schools.
Parental Rights
I agree with the experts in education who say that parental involvement is crucial for achieving the best educational outcomes for children, especially in public schools.
When teachers, administrators, and School Boards recognize the rights of parents and collaborate with them to educate their children, they can help their students succeed. The key to success lies in working with parents as partners rather than against them.
Teacher Support
My aim is to ensure that teachers are not only heard but also feel supported, allowing them to focus on teaching as their top priority. It is my duty to represent the voices of both the students and teachers, and I approach this responsibility with great seriousness. Knowledge and education are the basis for all things that can be accomplished in life. Teachers provide the power of education to today's youth, thereby giving them the possibility for a better future.
Tax Dollar Prudence
The tax payors of Broad Run work hard for their money and they want to know that whether they have children in LCPS or not their tax dollars are being used judiciously. I commit to taking a hard look at the LCPS budget each year and make sure the money is being used wisely and efficiently and that the priority is based in the classroom.
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